Surge for the iPad is an application that was created to help users reduce their energy consumptions. By recreating their own home, the application complies a full report detailing what steps can be made to limit their own energy consumption. The info-graphic style report can then be shared through social media to invite their friends to cut back on their consumption. While major changes are listed, the emphasis is on smaller things such as reducing the heat setting of your water heater; reorganizing the space in your refrigerator; and unplugging unused cell phone chargers.

Through simple interactions, aesthetically strong graphics, integrated social media and bite-sized pieces of relevant information, we created a project that gave users both the tools and incentives to cut back on personal usage. By creating something that works with users rather than talks down to them, we believe that real environmental progress can occur. Surge will eventually be published to the App Store.

Software & Technologies


Chrisostomos Drogaris, Christian Gratton, Clement Liu, Julia Wolfe