Rust Assured


Rust Assured for the iPad is a game that explores the duality between alter egos. Rusty, the protagonist, inherited traits from his materials during the building process. Considered as a faulty robot by his manufacturer, Rusty is trying to escape. Help him escape the facility before he is captured and destroyed. Designed specifically for the iPad, Rust Assured utilizes various core functionalities of this device such as the accelerometer and the touch screen.

As the Lead iOS Programmer I designed the interface; designed the interactions; and implemented the various features such as alter ego flip. Everything was programmed within the Unity 3D Engine. Since we didn’t have the Pro version of Unity 3D, I had to create custom objects such as Level Preloaders and Animated Splash Screens. I was also responsible of performing various test cycles and the Ad-Hoc Distribution.

Software & Technologies


Omar Boubess, Christian Gratton, David Silveira, Vincent Villemaire